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The 1st International Workshop on Patterns and Pattern Languages for SOCC: Use & Discovery (PATTWORLD 2016) will contribute to a broad understanding of the fundamental concepts of Service-Oriented Computing, Cloud Computing, and other IT domains. The workshop is co-located with the 5th European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing (ESOCC 2016) and takes place on September 5th, 2016, in Vienna, Austria.

The workshop helps the respective communities to transfer their knowledge and to discuss concepts that support an efficient application of this knowledge to individual use cases. The goal is to connect experts from industry and academia to discuss current evolutions and approaches in these domains on the basis of patterns as well as to facilitate exchange. The workshop is also open for research on pattern fundamentals, which includes general approaches for pattern discovery, pattern authoring, pattern usage, and pattern language navigation. Discussions on patterns, pattern languages, and pattern concepts from non-IT domains are welcome to gain new insights into approaches from other fields to accomplish interdisciplinary mutual understanding. PATTWORLD 2016 will include an invited keynote and presentations of selected research papers from academia and industry to meet these goals.


Patterns have emerged in several IT domains as lingua franca to document proven solutions for frequently reoccurring problems. Especially in the domains of Service-Oriented Computing and Cloud Computing, the pattern concept is recently used by academia and industry to capture and use proven knowledge about efficiently designing, building, and managing IT systems. Well-established pattern languages, e.g., Enterprise Integration Patterns and Messaging Patterns, complement these works, thereby, providing a huge knowledge base for the development of future IT systems. In addition, new evolutions, such as the Internet of Things and the emerging trend of microservices, provide promising topics for the development of new pattern languages and pattern usage concepts. Practitioners are desperately looking for solutions for developing applications in these domains.

Especially discovering, using, and structuring patterns are heavily researched fields to create and maintain a knowledge base that can be used efficiently by humans. Moreover, also concepts for automating the application of patterns to individual use cases gain more and more attention in very different IT domains, e.g., automating patterns for the management of Cloud-based applications. A plethora of websites and blogs prove the strong interest in finding solutions to build proper microservices but lack a systematic approach. Therefore, finding new ways and general concepts to increase the efficiency of discovering and using patterns is of great interest, which possibly affects multiple different domains at once.

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