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Monday, 05.09.2016 - 12:00 Keynote Beniamino Di Martino: Semantics and Patterns to support MultiCloud Applications' Portability and Cloud Services Orchestration and Composition

Abstract: Cloud vendor lock-in and portability / interoperability gaps arise (among many reasons) when semantics of resources, services, SLAs and APIs, is not agreed upon, and not machine-readable described. Represention and inference techniques - borrowed from Semantic Web Services and Cloud Patterns - might help in gaining shared, machine readable description of Cloud offerings (resources, Services and their API groundings and Service Levels) and mapping of Applications to Cloud Patterns, thus allowing automatic discovery, selection, brokering, orchestration and composition of Cloud Services, and supporting application portability to multiple clouds. This talk will illustrate a methodology for mapping applicatons to cloud services' offerings in multiple clouds, based on a uniform, machine readable, semantic representation of Cloud Services and Cloud Patterns - agnostic and vendor specific - and their workflow. This work is based on outcomes (a Cloud Ontology, a Semantic Engine, and a Dynamic Semantic Discovery System) of the mOSAIC EU funded project (

Beniamino Di Martino is Full Professor of Information Systems at the Second University of Naples (Italy). He acted as Project Coordinator of EU funded FP7-ICT Project mOSAIC, and has been participating to various research projects supported by EC, national and international organizations. He is member of the IEEE Working Group for the IEEE P3203 Standard on Cloud Interoperability, of the IEEE Intercloud Testbed Initiative, of the Cloud Standards Customer Council, of the Cloud Computing Experts' Group of the European Commission, of the InterCloud Cluster Working Group of European Commission projects. He has acted as vice Chair of the Executive Board of the IEEE CS Technical Committee on Scalable Computing. He acts as Co-Chair of the Nomination Committee for the IEEE ''Award of Excellence in Scalable Computing''. He is Editor / Associate Editor of seven international journals (among them, IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing) and Editorial Board Member of several international journals. He served as general and program chairman, and member in Program Committees, of several international conferences. He is author of 12 international books (among them: "Cloud Portability and Interoperability" from Springer) and 300+ publications in international journals and conferences. His research interests include: Knowledge Discovery and Management, Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services, Cloud Computing, Big Data Intelligence, High Performance Computing and Architectures, Mobile and Intelligent Agents and Mobile Computing, Reverse Engineering, Automated Program Analysis and Transformation, Algorithmic Patterns Recognition and Program Comprehension.

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Session 1: Performance and Conformance

Vincenzo Ferme: Workflow Engine Performance Benchmarking with BenchFlow (Invited Talk)

David Bimamisa, Mathias Müller, Simon Harrer and Guido Wirtz: Interactive Dashboard for Workflow Engine Benchmarks

Damianos Metallidis, Kyriakos Kritikos, Chrysostomos Zeginis and Dimitris Plexousakis: A distributed cross-layer monitoring system based on QoS metrics models

15:30 Coffee Break

16:00 Session 2: Patterns and Pattern Languages

Simon Harrer, Oliver Kopp and Jörg Lenhard: Patterns for Workflow Engine Benchmarking

Alexander G. Mirnig, Artur Lupp and Manfred Tscheligi: Patterns in HCI - A Discussion of Lessons Learned

17:30 Closing